Phia L’amour was born on December 10 in East Palo Alto, California where she lived until the seventh grade and then moved to Vallejo, California. She started singing in the church choir at a young age. This is when she found a love for music and writing poetry. The love of singing, music and writing quickly led her to a passion of rap and hip-hop. She was the performer in the family, always singing and rapping at family gatherings, talent shows and on cruise ships. It is easy to say, her childhood has helped form Phia to what she is today, “not just a female rapper.”
Unlike many female rappers and artists, Phia L'amour creatively composes her work to reach both men and women. She writes her music based off of real life experiences; not just sex appeal and money.
Phia has been seen on stages across the United States and has no desire to slow down. Recent shows in California, Florida and Alabama are creating a large hype. Her talent in her music and her performances on stage has drawn fans from all over the world
“I want to be known as someone who can ‘put the west on’ in my music and in features in the music of others.” Phia says about her work and collaborations with artist worldwide.
The diverse music of Phia L’amour ranges from club songs like “Play Dat LaCooKoo” featuring EPA's own The HoodStarz and "Go Go Gadget" featuring Bay Area favorites Willie Joe, Mistah Fab, and Philthy Rich; to the more heartfelt tracks such as “Around The World” featuring International Grammy award winning artist U$O of Denmark. The diversity in her music attracts a large audience. An audience that is always on their toes, not knowing what she will create next – but knowing it will be an exclusive hit.